Web Development

JavaScript & JQuery

This week in my web development course we are learning about JavaScript and JQuery. What are those anyways?

JavaScript is a set of code that are designed to be used in a web browser. You can use JavaScript to do animations and other cool effects. JavaScript sometimes doesn’t display properly in web browsers, so it is good practice to have backup code. JavaScript can be used to display dynamic content and can be used to create a variety of effects.

JQuery is a library of JavaScript code. JQuery contains JavaScript code that has already been developed and shared. JQuery contains shorthand codes for JavaScript allowing the user to use a single line of code rather than many lines of JavaScript.

JQuery’s strengths lie in the fact that it is much easier and already contains most JavaScript suitable for basic web development. It is also optimized to work with a variety of browsers automatically. It also requires less code for JavaScript. JavaScript’s strength is that it is customizable and can be built to your standards. Also, I found that starting with JavaScript first and getting familiar with that was more helpful than trying to dive right into JQuery.

I used JavaScript on my website project which you can see here: http://www.yfdogmushers.org/contact.html.

It took some time to get the hang of using JavaScript, but I was able to incorporate these two JS codes on my site. When I first tried JQuery I was not sure what to do, so I decided to start with JavaScript. After getting a little more comfortable with JS I will now further exploring and practicing with JQuery.




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